Daniel Hodan

Hi! I am Daniel Hodan, a freelance software engineer based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. For more than ten years, I have been targeting for crafting pragmatic software solutions with emphasis on simplicity and stability.


As an experienced self-driven software engineer with focus on creating distributed systems, I have delivered several backend solutions with command line or web based frontends. Pragmatic, simple, easy and accurate design without unnecessary complexity represents my philosophy.

As a team leader I defined system architecture, set up software development processes and made people passionate about technology, more productive and smarter. Besides that I helped organizing technical community meetup, gave talks about programming in Go and design patterns for creating Microservices. I really enjoy personal communication, knowledge sharing and networking.

As a DevOps I have worked with containerization technlogy and CI/CD pipelines in the major cloud platforms as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and DigitalOcean. I love creating and automating software development processes starting from user stories to successful delivery to customers.

As a developer I have got several years of professional experience in programming languages Golang, Java and Javascript. I am enthusiastic about learning new technologies, paradigms, languages and ideas behind them by studying computer science history.

My past work experience covers projects in companies from startups, small size companies to enterprises:

I prefer working on-site closely with team members but also have experience with working remotely.


I am eager about learning new technologies but I also appreciate rock solid technologies created in the past. My speciality is helping companies in the process of Digital Transformation and preparing people, processes, platforms and ecosystems for open, modern and sustainable software development stacks. I create environments where developers can accelerate their productivity and share their innovative ideas in an open and friendly tech-culture.

For that I prefer using Cloud Native Computing Foundation based on technologies like Golang, Docker and Kubernetes. I also used to dedicate myself to technologies like Java and web browser development in Javascript/Typescript.

It is not only about current technologies but also about techniques and architecture. I find joy in practising Agile Software Development, DevOps, TDD, MDD with Microservices, RESTful Web Services and Event sourcing.


Daniel Hodan
Europa-Allee 130, 60486
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
P: +49 152 3821 2237
E: daniel.hodan@czertbytes.de